How did Dog Training School work?

DogSkool is a positive reinforcement-based training school for dogs and their people.  I believe that the key to having a well-behaved dog lies in understanding that dog, why he does what he does, and how you can convince him to do what you want. 

It is very possible for your dog to work for you because he wants to, not because he has to.  I can show you the way to teach your dog self-control, which is the foundation for all other behaviors to build on.  Dogs that do not have self-control do not know how to behave.

A dog without self-control will steal food, pull you all over town on his leash, and jump up on every person he sees.  A dog with self-control is a dog that can keep himself calm and behave in new environments.  Dogs are not born with self-control (neither are people for that matter) it is something that they have to learn, that we have to teach them.

DogSkool Levels classes are a revolutionary new twist on dog training.  Instead of a traditional format where new skills are learned each week, Levels classes allow dogs, and people, to go at their own pace.  Each Level represents a certain set of skills. 

Level One is the foundation skills – the beginning of self-control – sit, down, stand, focus, target, leave it, and come.  We also cover handling exercises to get your dog more comfortable with grooming and vet visits, as well as teaching a trick and learning about breed differences and enrichment activities.

 Level Two builds on the Level One skills and adds stay, loose leash walking, go to the mat, and sit for greetings.  We talk about solving behavior problems and how to get your dog to work without treats at home.  Level Three gets harder with heeling, fronts, finishes, beginning scent work, and retrieving.  Level Four gets students and dogs ready to take the AKC Canine Good Citizen test.

Each dog and handler team stays at a Level until they are capable of completing all of the exercises.  Once all of the skills have been mastered, they move up to the next level.  Students may stay at a Level for two weeks or six weeks. 

However long it takes for them to feel comfortable with the skills being taught.  The Levels format is ideal for people with busy schedules.  Because we focus on the same exercises each week at each Level, people who miss a class will not miss out on valuable information.

The cost for Levels classes is $140 for an eight-week training pass.  Unlike most traditional style classes, you are guaranteed to get your full eight weeks worth.  Your training pass is only marked on the weeks that you actually make it to class, and it stays valid until all of your paid weeks are completed. 

You may also take advantage of several seminars that are held every month.  These seminars, covering things like potty training, enrichment, behavior problems, and more, are free to DogSkool students with a valid training pass. 

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