3 Tips On Keeping Your Pets Off Your Furniture

Having your pets beside you is really fun and enjoyable until you see trails of fur all over the clean couch or your bed. Or even worse, some stretches and marks appear on your favorite sofas.

You can still have fun with your pets inside your house, but to prevent any discomfort and inconvenience that your pets might cause to your furniture, you should teach them to stay away from it by using some cool pet tricks.

Here are some tips to keep your pets away from your furniture

1. Providing Them Somewhere Nice To Stay On Instead

To prevent your dogs and cats from sleeping on your bed or your sofa, you can provide them some alternative bed. A dog or cat bed will provide your pet’s comfort as well as reduce the risk of arthritic pain.

For your cat, you can provide a condo in which he can jump, climb, and sit. Your cat can sleep in the condo and get fun activities with this furniture.

If your pets still prefer jumping on and off your furniture, you can designate a specific piece of furniture for them. It could be your old unused sofa or chair. You also need to teach them not to climb on other chairs and sofas.

Cool pet tricks

Remember to be patient, anytime your pets climb on other pieces of furniture, take them down and lead them to their designated place.

You can also use treats to entice your pets by putting candies and food on the pet’s bed, condo, or the designated sofa to make these places look more attractive to your pets. You can leave the treats on these pieces of equipment or anytime when your pets climb to “human only” furniture, toss a treat onto the place you want your pets to stay on.

As the last resort, you may need to put your pets in the crate or put them in another room, especially at night or when you go out. Make sure you also provide food and fresh water as well as a blanket for your pets in where you confine them.

2. Make Furniture Less Attractive To Your Pets

You should never put any kind of food, snacks, and candies on your furniture. Your pets will think that they can climb up there for the food. Make sure you clean all the crumbs after finishing eating on your bed or your sofa.

Cover some mats with double-sided tape and put them onto your bed and your sofa. The sticky surfaces of the mats will irritate your pets and make them feel uncomfortable. They will then associate the furniture with that feeling and will soon stop going near.

You can also use aluminum foil to cover your furniture. The loud noise and uncomfortable surface will sure not be attractive to any dog and cat.

Buy a deterrent device that can sensor and trigger when your pets go onto any piece of equipment by shooting a blast of air or making a loud noise, for example, to your pet. That will sure startle your pets and keep them away from these places.

You can also opt for chemical detergents. Spray your furniture with oils that contain citrus or apple scent. Dogs and cats are known to hate the smell of citrus and apple so much they will stay far away from the smell.

Create a harmless bobby trap is also another tip you should try. You can put the empty can to form a pyramid on the couch. When your pets climb on, the cans will fall over and startle your pets away.

Make Furniture Less Attractive To Your Pets

3. Other Tips And Warnings

You can teach your dog the “Off” command so anytime you see your dog climb up your couch, say the command word and your dog will obediently leave it.

Reward your pets when they do what you tell them to.

You should remain calm and patient. Don’t shout at your pets or punish them when they stay on your furniture, which just frightens and confuses your pets.

Overall, all of these tips and cool pet tricks above are safe to use on your furniture and cause no harm to your pets. I hope that you can follow them and find them useful when you finally manage to keep your pets off your furniture.

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